INTTIME helps you manage and organize all your interval sets. Do you exercise, create an HIIT interval set. Want to meditate, create a Meditation interval set. For every purpose you can imagine, you can create and manage an interval set.

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High Intensity Interval Training, very useful to burn fat, interval training should be part of your workout program. Interval training is a great way to hammer out a quick workout, and it's extremely effective for transforming your physique.

With INTTIME you can set your own HIIT interval schema's. creating your own workout day.


Meditation can really relax your body and soul. If you want to do a breathing exercise or just sit down for a few minutes.

INTTIME can help you relax and gentle remind you of the time.


With the INTTIME app you can create every interval you desire. As simple as a warming up, repeat interval and cooling down.

INTTIME meditation example on iphone

Breathe in...

INTTIME app is packed with all kinds of handy features, but focusses on usability.

  • Quick navigation to your sets
  • Edit existing sets
  • Create new sets in a few clicks
  • Customize your sets for easy reference
  • Have fun!
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A new interval timer app

to accommodate your interval needs, HIIT training, Yoga or meditation. Create your own interval sets or start with a default set. Adjust the settings of sound, color and intervals (as much as you desire) as needed.

default sets

INTTIME includes some default sets to get started right away: HIIT set, 4-7-8 meditation set and more.

highly customisable.

Customizable sets to accommodate your own needs.

look & feel.

Custom color scheme per set, Custom color for every interval.


Displays Total, progress time and progress percentage

When interrupted

Pause / resume set

clean design.

Easy interface, Clean design and one Large clear display when working with inttime


Get ready.. Set... Go!!!

 Iphone App


Ease of use, wonderful to meditate

 Iphone App

What is in this version of inttime app

· Iphone/Ipad Support · Default training sets for HIIT and meditation · Default ambient sounds · Set color picker for easy recognition · Set icon picker to differentiate your sets · Search in sets if you have many and a lot of other features

see the inttime app change-logs below

Version 1.0.29 (latest)

+ iPad support
+ HTML opmaak omzetten naar markdown
+ Select dialogs update > show selected > scroll into view selected
+ Wrong sound > list removed

Version 1.0.28

+ Added Sound >> +7
+ Added Ambient >> +5
+ Export Sets in SQLite code > text box > iCloud > Email
+ Added 2 sets > Pomodor, Tabada + Setlist is now sorted on Name
+ New selectors, based on popup
+ Menu close + Start here button, to sets ipv menu
+ Removed settings for sound
+ ambient, not needed with new selectors


What to expect in the next versions of INTTIME app

Version 2

Free Features

  • Group sets
  • Share on social media
  • Text to speech
  • Multi language
  • Override default sound, flash and vibrate settings


Unlocked Features

  • Free Features +
  • No adverts
  • Share Set
  • Apple Watch
  • playlist support (you are able to hear your itunes music in the background)
  • Scheduling / reminder


Version 3

  • Universal app, works on all devices
  • External display and AirPlay Mirroring support
  • Bluetooth heart rate sensor support
  • more templates (Tabata, Circuit Training?)
  • the app does not sleep/lock while in use (setting?)
  • Health kit
  • Statistics / Journal

Get your INTTIME app now

 Iphone App


INTTIME is a mobile app to create, store and re-use your interval sets. Easy to use for HIIT training, meditation or any other need. Try it and let us know what yout think. Regards, INTTIME

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